Lumintop Silver Fox (1xAA/14500 XP-G R5 Stainless Steel) Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS+

Originally posted: August 13, 2011
Last revised: August 13, 2011

Warning: pic heavy, as usual.

Lumintop has recently come out with a couple of stainless steel lights. This review will be of the 1xAA (aptly named) Silver Fox.


Packaging is high-end, clearly designed as a presentation item. FYI, I note that Lumintop can apparently do custom engraving on these (check with them directly for more info).

Inside the black faux-snake skin box with spring hinge, you will find a nice quality leather belt pouch with concealed magnetic closing flap, microfiber cleaning cloth, and good quality wrist lanyard. There were no extra o-rings or manual on mine (both which I suspect was an oversight).

From left to right: Duracell AA, Lumintop Silver Fox, Zebralight SC51, JetBeam E3, Crelant 7G1, NiteCore D10, 4Sevens Mini AA Titanium, Xeno E03.

Silver Fox: Weight: 98.1g, Length: 94.2mm, Width (bezel) 21.7mm, (grip-ring) 25.8mm
JetBeam E3: Weight 105g, Length 101.0mm, Width (bezel) 21.5mm
Thrunite Neutron 1A: Weight: 60.4g, Length: 105.6mm, Width (bezel/tail) 22.0mm
Sunwayman V10A:: Weight: 58.1g (no battery), Length 100.6mm, Width 23.1mm (bezel)

Weight seems about right for a stainless steel light.

As mentioned, the Silver Fox body is stainless steel. As with most SS light, there is an interior sleeve that holds the battery and connects to the head.

Lettering is a subtle light gray against the polished background, very classy looking. While there is no anodizing to speak of, the built-in grip ring helps with grip. It also serves as a very effective anti-roll device.

Tailstanding is good. The Silver Fox has a lanyard attachment point in the base.

The Silver Fox has a decent sized spring in the tail/body (not shown).

The Silver Fox comes with a textured reflector (OP) and uses a XP-G emitter. The emitter was well centered on my sample.

Which brings me to the white-wall beamshots. All lights are on Hi on 1xAA Sanyo Eneloop, about ~0.75 meter from a white wall (with the camera ~1.25 meters back from the wall). Automatic white balance on the camera, to minimize tint differences.

Thanks to fairly deep reflector, the hotspot is well focused and smaller than typical for a 1xAA light. Cool white tint was a bit purplished on mine.

Here is a comparison of the Silver Fox on 1x14500, relative to 1xAA Eneloop.

User Interface

The Silver Fox uses an electronic switch, with a fairly typical button feel.

Press and release to activate the light on Lo. Press and hold the switch for 2 secs to switch to the Hi mode. Note that you can start the light in Hi by holding the switch down for 2 secs from the off state as well.

There is a slight quirk in turning off Ė from the Lo mode, a press release turns the light off. From the Hi mode, a press release drops you down to Lo. From Lo, another press release turns off. I havenít figured out a way to turn off from Hi without going into Lo first.

There is no memory mode.


The light uses PWM for its low mode, but at a visually-undetectable frequency of 2.45 kHz.

There is no strobe mode on the Silver Fox.

Testing Method:

All my output numbers are relative for my home-made light box setup, a la Quickbeam's method. You can directly compare all my relative output values from different reviews - i.e. an output value of "10" in one graph is the same as "10" in another. All runtimes are done under a cooling fan, except for any extended run Lo/Min modes (i.e. >12 hours) which are done without cooling.

I have recently devised a method for converting my lightbox relative output values (ROV) to estimated Lumens. See my How to convert Selfbuilt's Lighbox values to Lumens thread for more info.

Throw/Output Summary Chart:

Effective November 2010, I have revised my summary tables to match with the current ANSI FL-1 standard for flashlight testing. Please see for a description of the terms used in these tables.

Output on Hi is lower than most lights in this class (more typical of Med-Hi level), on both standard batteries and 14500. Throw is reasonable for the class.

Output/Runtime Comparison:

On Hi, on standard batteries, the Silver Fox has lower output than most lights in this 1xAA class. Still, runtime is about typical for the less-heavily driven members of this class. A similar slight loss in efficiency is also observed on 14500.

Potential Issues

Stainless steel lights are heavier than aluminum ones (although the Silver Fox seems about typical for the SS class).

Output on Hi is not as high others in this class, and there seems to be a relative drop in efficiency in this mode (but still fine in absolute terms).

Grip ring cannot be removed.

Preliminary Observations

The Silver Fox is a stylish looking AA-based light. It has a simple two-stage interface, and seems to be a solid and well-made light. I personally like the overall appearance and styling.

I wasnít sure about the built-in grip ring at first sight, but find I actually like it in practice. It is well positioned, and works well for both grip and anti-roll. And it is small enough that it doesnít get in your way for traditional over- or under-hand carry. The ring is well executed in my view, but is of course not removable.

The interface worked reliably in my testing, although it is bit odd that you have to go through Lo first to turn off the light. The switch has a good feel (for an electronic switch), and Iím glad they were able to maintain tailstanding.

Max output is definitely at the low end of this class of light, but thatís not unreasonable for a stainless steel light (i.e. heatsinking is typically less efficient). Runtimes seem on the low side for the output level on Hi, but still fine in absolute terms.

Beam pattern is a bit "throwier" than I would have expected for a light this size, likey due to the deeper than typical reflector. Hotspot is fairly tight and focused for a 1xAA light, but there is a reasonable corona (especially on Hi).

The Silver Fox is a stylish light (and package) for the 1xAA class. Another option for all you SS fans to consider.


Silver Fox provided by Lumintop for review.

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