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Greetings! This site contains copies of all the flashlight reviews that I have posted on candlepowerforums. My goal is to provide objective test data, to allow you to accurately compare and contrast various flashlights that you may be interested in. My preferred venue for these reviews is CPF, as I find that the detailed discussions that follow can be greatly illuminating (pardon the pun).

Click on the flashlight name below to take you directly to the individual flashlight review at CPF. For times when CPF may be down, I have stored local backup copies of my more recent reviews on this site (click on the BACKUP link, where available).

Unfortunately, my flashlights are expensive to feed with all the runtime tests I perform. I don't accept any payment for any of my flashlight reviews, but I will gratefully accept donations to my Paypal battery fund. Your contributions will go toward helping defray the costs of creating all my detailed reviews.

For cash donations, please use my personal Paypal account (note that ONLY cash transactions are possible on this account).

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Thanks for your contribution!

I am now on . Check out my channel for video reviews of all the new lights I am testing.

For your convenience, all my flashlight reviews are listed alphanumerically by manufacturer/maker followed by model number.

If you would rather view a chronological list of reviews, organized by battery type, please see my CPF review threads page.

Press CTRL-F on your keyboard to search for a particular light below.

Round-up Reviews:

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CR123A battery (circuit?) question - any explanation for this behavior?
CR123A Comparison Review: Foursevens, Titanium Innovations, Tenergy, Surefire, Duracell
Quick CR123A and AA Battery Shoot-out Comparison
Color Rendition and Tint Comparison: Cree, Rebel, GDP, Nichia
Foursevens Mini Tint Comparison - Warm, Neutral, Cool White - BEAMSHOTS & RUNTIMES!
Foursevens Neutral White tints - Preon 2 & Quark 123-2-X - Comparison to Cool White
High-Output (MC-E/P7/SST) Round-Up Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, & more!
1xAA Round-up Review - Part IV - RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, & more!
1AA Round-up Review - Part III
1AA Round-up Review - Part II
1AA Round-up Review - Part I
Single-Stage 1AA Round-up Review
1xCR123A/RCR Round-up Review: RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS, & more - UPDATED!
2xAA Round-up Review: Fenix, Nitecore, Olight, ITP, Eagletac, Jetbeam, Mag ... - BACKUP
Thrower review: DBS, Spear, MRV, Tiablo, Regal & clones: THROW, RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS!

Individual Reviews:

4GREER Protected 18650 Batteries (2400mAh)
4GREER Protected 18650 Batteries (3100mAh)
4GREER WS1 (Cree XR-E Q4 WC, 1xAAA)
AltusLumen PAD-L (Nichia)
ArmyTek Predator (Cree XP-G R5, 1x18650 2xR/CR123A) - BACKUP
Aurora 1.5W 2AA (Nichia modded to Cree)
Bronte TU10-Ti (XM-L U2 1x18650 2xCR123A/RCR)
Bronte X03 (XM-L U2 1x18650 2xCR123A/RCR)
CE Tech headlamp (2x 5mm white LED, 1x 5mm red LED, 3xAAA)
Crelant 7G1 (1xAA, XP-G R5) - BACKUP
Crelant 7G5 (XM-L U2, 2x18650)
Crelant 7G5 V2 (XM-L U2, 1x/2x18650)
Crelant 7G5 V2 Collimator Head (Aspheric)
Crelant 7G9 (XM-L U2, 3x18650)
DarkTort DT-E1.0 (Cree Q5)
DealExtreme Cree Projection (Cree Q2)
DealExtreme JYE Wide (SSC P4)
DealExtreme Simply Cree 1AA Single-stage (Cree)
DealExtreme WF-600 (Cree)
DealExtreme X.1 (JetBeam Jet-I MK.II.X clone - Cree P4)
DealExtreme X.V (Cree P4)
Dereelight C2H (Cree Q5)
Dereelight DBS V1 (Cree Q4 3SD pill)
Dereelight DBS V2 (Cree R2 DI pill)
DST TLR Titanium 1xAA (Cree XP-G R5)
Eagletac D25A2 (2xAA, XP-G S2)
Eagletac D25C (1xCR123A/RCR, XM-L U2 & XP-G S2)
Eagletac D25LC2 (1x18650/2xCR123A/2xRCR, XM-L U2)
Eagletac G25C2 (XM-L, 1x18650 2xCR123A/RCR)
EagleTac M2C4 (Seoul P7)
EagleTac M2XC4 (3xCree R2 - cool white)
Eagletac M3C4 (SST-50 cool white) - BACKUP
Eagletac M3C4 (SST50 cool white) - New SMO and Deep Reflector - BACKUP
Eagletac M3C4 (3xR5 XP-G - cool white) - BACKUP
Eagletac M3C4 (Cree XM-L - cool white) - BACKUP
Eagletac P10A (Cree Q5)
EagleTac P10A2 (Cree Q5)
EagleTac P100A2 (Cree Q5)
EagleTac P10C (Cree Q5)
EagleTac P20A2 (Cree XR-E R2)
EagleTac P20A2 Mark II (XP-G R5) - BACKUP
EagleTac P20C2 (Cree XR-E R2)
EagleTac P20C2 Mark II (XP-G R5) - BACKUP
Eagletac PN20a (1xAAA - Cree XP-E R2)
Eagletac PN20a2 (2xAAA - Cree XP-E R2)
EagleTac T100C2 (Cree XP-E Q5)
EagleTac T20C2 (Cree R2)
EagleTac T20C2 Mark II (XP-G R5) - BACKUP
Ese LZ2 (Cree Q5)
Fenix E20 (Cree Q2)
Fenix L0D-CE (Cree P4)
Fenix L1D (Rebel 100; Cree P4, Q2, Q5)
Fenix L1T V2 (Rebel 080)
Fenix L2D (Rebel 100; Cree P4, Q2, Q5)
Fenix L2S (Luxeon I)
Fenix L2T V2 (Rebel 080)
Fenix LD10 (Cree Q5)
Fenix LD10 (Cree XP-G R4) - BACKUP
Fenix LD20 (Cree Q5)
Fenix LD20 (Cree XP-G R4) - BACKUP
Fenix P2D (Rebel 100; Cree P4, Q2, Q5)
Fenix T1 (Cree Q5)
Fenix TK12 (Cree XP-G R5)
Fenix TK15 (1x18650/2xCR123A XP-G R5) - BACKUP
Fenix TK20 (Cree Q2-5A)
Fenix TK35 (Cree XM-L, 2x18650/4xCR123A) - BACKUP
Fenix TK45 (3x Cree XP-G R4)
Foursevens Maelstrom G5 (Cree XP-G R5, 2xCR123A/1x18650) - BACKUP
Foursevens Maelstrom S18 (SST-90, 6xCR123A/RCR) - BACKUP
Foursevens Maelstrom X7 (Cree XM-L, 2xCR123A/1x18650) - BACKUP
Foursevens Maelstrom X10 (Cree XM-L, 26650) - BACKUP
Foursevens Preon 1 & 2 Review (Cree XP-G R5, 1xAAA, 2xAAA) - BACKUP
Foursevens Preon 2 Neutral White (Cree XP-G R5, 2xAAA)
Foursevens Preon P0 (XP-E, 1xAAA, SS)
Foursevens Preon ReVO (XP-E R2, 1xAAA) - BACKUP
Foursevens QB2A (Cree XP-G2, 2xAA)
Foursevens QTLC (Cree XP-G2, 1xCR123A/RCR)
Foursevens Quark Q123 (Cree XP-E R2) - BACKUP
Foursevens Quark Q123-2 (Cree XP-E R2) - BACKUP
Foursevens Quark Q123-2-X (Cree XM-L) - BACKUP
Foursevens Quark 123-2-X Neutral White
Foursevens Quark QAA (Cree XP-E R2) - BACKUP
Foursevens Quark QAA-2 (Cree XP-E R2) - BACKUP
Foursevens Quark QAA-2-X (Cree XM-L) - BACKUP
Foursevens Quark Mini AA (Cree XP-G R5) - BACKUP
Foursevens Quark Mini AA-2 (Cree XP-G R5) - BACKUP
Foursevens Quark Mini 123 (Cree XP-G R5) - BACKUP
Foursevens Quark Mini CR2 (Cree XP-G R5)
Foursevens Quark Mini Tint Comparison - Warm, Neutral, Cool White (Cree XP-G)
Foursevens Quark RGB (Cree MC-E RGB)
Foursevens Titanium Tactical Pen (Fisher Space Pen cartridge)
Horus FD-1.3 Titanium (Cree Q5)
ICON Rogue 1 (Cree Q5)
ITP A1 EOS (Cree XP-E Q5)
ITP A2 EOS (Cree XP-E Q5)
ITP A6 Polestar (6xAA MC-E)
ITP C6 and C6T (Cree Q5)
ITP C7 and C7T (Cree Q5)
ITP C8 and C8T (Cree Q5)
ITP C9 (Cree Q5)
ITP H01 Headlamp (Cree XP-E Q5, 1xAAA)
ITP R01 (Cre XP-E Q5, USB-charger or 18650) - BACKUP
Jian Wei W1 (Cree XR-E R2, 1x18650/2xRCR123A) - BACKUP
JetBeam BA20 (Cree XP-G R5, 2xAA) - BACKUP
JetBeam BC10 (Cree XP-G R5, 1xCR123A) - BACKUP
JetBeam BC40 (Cree XM-L, 2x18650/4xCR123A) - BACKUP
JetBeam C-LE V1 (Cree)
JetBeam C-LE V1.2 (Cree)
JetBeam C-LE V2.0 (Cree Q2)
JetBeam Element E3 (Cree Q2)
JetBeam Element E3P (Cree Q5)
Jetbeam i4 Intellicharger V2 Review
Jetbeam Jet- (SSC P4)
JetBeam Jet-I MK.II.X (Cree P4)
JetBeam Jet-I MK IBS (Cree Q5)
JetBeam Jet-I PRO (Cree R2)
JetBeam Jet-I PRO IBS (Cree Q5)
JetBeam Jet-I PRO EX V2.0 (Cree Q5)
JetBeam Jet-II IBS PRO (Cree Q5)
JetBeam Jet-II PRO (Cree Q5)
JetBeam Jet-III IBS PRO (Cree Q5)
JetBeam Jet-III M - Military (Cree Q5) - BACKUP
JetBeam Jet-III PRO ST (Cree Q5)
JetBeam M1X Review (Cree M-CE) - BACKUP
JetBeam PA01 (Cree XP-G R5, 1xAA) - BACKUP
JetBeam PA20 (XP-G, 2xAA)
JetBeam PA40 (XM-L T6, 4xAA) - BACKUP
JetBeam PC10 (XM-L, 1xCR123A/RCR)
JetBeam PC20 (XM-L, 2xCR123A/RCR)
JetBeam RRT-2 Raptor (Cree XR-E R2)
JetBeam RRT-15 (XM-L, 2x18500/3xCR123A)
JetBeam RRT-21 (XM-L, 1x18650/2xCR123A)
KaiDomain 1AA Single-stage (Cree)
KaiDomain 1AA 5-stage (Cree)
Klarus Mi X6 (XP-G R5, 1xAAA) - BACKUP
Klarus NT20 (XP-G R5, 2xCR123/RCR) - BACKUP
Klarus RS11 (XM-L U2, 1x18650/2xCR123A, Charger)
Klarus ST10 (XP-G R5, 1xAA) - BACKUP
Klarus XT10 (XM-L T6, 1x18650, 2xCR123A/RCR) - BACKUP
Klarus XT11 (XM-L U2, 1x18650, 2xCR123A/RCR)
Klarus XT30 (XM-L U2, 2x18650/4xCR123A)
Liteflux LF1 (Luxeon III, modded to SSC P4)
LiteFlux LF2XT (Cree Q4)
LiteFlux LF3XT (Cree Q5)
LiteFlux LF3XT 2xAA (Cree Q5)
Liteflux LF5 (SSC P4)
LiteFlux LF5XT (Cree R2)
LRI Proton Pro (Cree P4?)
Lumapower Avenger GX (Cree R2)
Lumapower D-mini (Cree P4)
Lumapower D-mini Digital (Cree Q2)
Lumapower D-mini VX Ultra (SST-50) - BACKUP
Lumapower Connexion (Cree Q5)
Lumapower Connexion X2 (Cree Q5)
Lumapower Connexion X2 2xAA Extension (Cree Q5)
Lumapower Encore (Cree Q5)
Lumapower IncenDio (Cree Q5)
Lumapower LM31, aka LM-301 (SSC P4)
Lumapower Mentor (Cree R2)
Lumapower MRV (Cree P4, Q2, Q5)
Lumapower MVP (3X Cree Q5)
Lumapower MVP TurboForce (SSC P7)
Lumintop ED10 (XP-G R5, 1xCR123A/RCR)
Lumintop ED20 (XM-L, 1x18650 2xCR123A/RCR) - BACKUP
Lumintop P16X (XM-L, 1x18650 2xCR123A/RCR) - BACKUP
Lumintop PK30 (XM-L, 6xAA)
Lumintop PS20 Lawman (XM-L, 1x18650, 2xRCR/CR123A)
Lumintop S40 (2x18650, XM-L, dual-switch)
Lumintop Silver Fox (1xAA/14500 XP-G R5 Stainless Steel) - BACKUP
Lumintop TD-15 Terminator (Cree XP-G R5) - BACKUP
Lumintop TD-15X Terminator (Cree XM-L) - BACKUP
Lumintop TD15X Update - Cool & Neutral white, new dedicated battery tubes
Lumintop Worm (1xAAA, XP-E R2) SS & Aluminum - BACKUP
Maratac AAA (Cree XP-E Q5) - BACKUP
MTE 1AA Single-stage (SSC P4)
MTE 1AA 5-stage C2 (Cree P4)
MTE 1AA 5-stage Rebel (Rebel 0100)
MXDL 1W "ELLY" (Luxeon clone modded with Cree P4)
MXDL 3W "Davida" (Luxeon clone modded with SSC P4)
NaitHawk Dear 123 Review (Cree XR-E R2)
Neofab Legion II Standard Edition (Cree MC-E)
Nextorch MyTorch 18650 (XP-G R5) - BACKUP
Nextorch MyTorch 1AA (XP-E R3) - BACKUP
Nextorch MyTorch 2AA (XP-E R3) - BACKUP
Nextorch MyTorch 3AAA (XP-E R3) - BACKUP
NiteCore D10 (Cree Q5)
NiteCore D10 (Golden Dragon Plus - GDP)
NiteCore D10SP (Cree XP-E R2)
NiteCore D20 (Cree Q5)
NiteCore Defender Infinity (Cree Q5)
Nitecore EA1 Explorer (XP-G R5, 1xAA,14500)
Nitecore EA2 Explorer (XP-G R5, 2xAA)
Nitecore EC1 Explorer (XP-G R5, 1xCR123A/RCR)
Nitecore EC2 Explorer (XP-G R5, 2xCR123A/RCR, 1x18650)
NiteCore EX10 (Cree Q5)
NiteCore EX10 (Golden Dragon Plus - GDP)
NiteCore Extreme (Cree Q5)
NiteCore EZ123 (Cree Q5)
NiteCore EZAA (Cree Q5) *REVISED*
NiteCore EZCR2 (Cree Q5)
Nitecore i4 Intellicharger V2 Review
Nitecore IFE2 (1x18650, XP-G R5) - BACKUP
Nitecore MT1A (XP-G R5, 1xAA)
Nitecore MT1C (XP-G R5, 1xCR123A/RCR)
Nitecore MT2A (XP-G R5, 2xAA)
Nitecore MT25 (XP-G R5, 1x18650, 2xCR123A/RCR)
Nitecore MT2C (XP-G R5, 1x18650, 2xCR123A/RCR)
Nitecore MT40 (XM-L U2, 2x18650/4xCR123A)
Nitecore SENS AA (1xAA/14500, XP-G R5)
Nitecore SENS CR (1xCR123A/RCR, XP-G R5)
Nitecore SENS Mini (1xCR2, XP-G R5)
NiteCore SR3 (Cree R2)
Nitecore "Tiny Monster" TM11 (4x18650, 3xXM-L)
Niwalker 750N1 (XM-L, 2x18650/RCR/CR123, 1x18650)
Niwalker NWK220 Engineering Sample (1x18650, XP-E)
Niwalker NWK750 Engineering Samples (2x18650, XM-L)
Novatac 120P (SSC P4, 1xCR123A/RCR) - BACKUP
Novatac Classic (SSC P4, 2xAA) - BACKUP
Novatac Storm (SSC P4, 1xCR123A/RCR) - BACKUP
Olight H15 Wave Headamp (XM-L, 4xAAA)
Olight i1 Stainless Steel (1xCR123A, XM-L)
Olight i3 (1xAAA, XM-L)
Olight Infinitum I10 (Cree R2)
Olight Infinitum I15 (Cree R2)
Olight Infinitum I20 (Cree R2)
Olight Infinitum I25 (Cree R2)
Olight T10 2008 Edition (Cree Q5)
Olight T15 2007 Edition (Cree Q5)
Olight T15 2008 Edition (Cree Q5)
Olight T20 (Cree Q5)
Olight T25 2008 Regular Edition (Cree Q5)
Olight T25 2008 Tactical Edition (Cree Q5)
Olight M20 Warrior (Cree XR-E R2, 1x18650/2xCR123A) - BACKUP
Olight M20 XM-L Upgrade Module (XM-L U2)
Olight M21 Warrior (Luminus SST-50) - BACKUP
Olight M30 Triton (Cree MC-E)
Olight M31 (Luminus SST-50, 2x18650/18500, 3x-4xCR123A/RCR) - BACKUP
Olight S10 (XM-L, 1xCR123A/RCR)
Olight S35 (XM-L, 3xAA)
Olight S65 (XM-L, 6xAA)
Olight S80 (XM-L, 26650 with integrated charger)
Olight SR51 (XM-L, 6xCR123A/RCR 2x18650)
Olight SR90 (SST-90) - BACKUP
Olight SR92 (3x XM-L)
Olight SR95 (SST-90)
Olight SR95UT (SBT-90)
Olight X6 Marauder (6x XM-L, Rechargeable)
QuickTreX PAL Flashlight Holster
Ray Tactical D1 (Cree XR-E R2)
Ray Tactical S20 (Cree XP-G R5, 1xAAA)
Ray Tactical X60 (Cree XP-G R5) - BACKUP
RaidFire Spear (Cree Q5)
Redilast Protected 18650 (2600mAh and 2900mAh) - BACKUP
Regalight WT1 (Cree Q5)
Regalight EDC (Cree Q5)
Rexlight 2.0 (Cree)
Rexlight 2.1 build 001 (Cree Q2)
Rexlight 2.1 build 002 (Cree Q2)
Rofis ER12 (1xAA, XP-G R5)
Rofis JR10 (1xCR123A, XP-G R5)
Rofis JR20 (1x18650/2xCR123A, XP-G R5)
Rofis JR30 (1xAA, XP-G R5)
Rofis TR51 (XM-L U2, 2x18650/4xCR123A)
Romisen RC-N3 II (Cree Q5)
Skilhunt Defier X1 (Cree XM-L, 1x18650/2xRCR/CR123A, 2x18500/3xCR123A) - BACKUP
Skilhunt Defier X3 (Cree XM-L, 2x18500/3xCR123A, 2x18650/4xCR123A) - BACKUP
Skilhunt DT-20 Night Owl (2xXM-L U2, 2x18650/4xCR123A)
SmartFire V-68C (Cree XR-E Q5)
Solarforce T7 (Cree XR-E Q5)
Spark SL6 800CW (XM-L T6, 2xCR123A/1x18650) - BACKUP
Spark SP6 (5xXM-L, 6x18650/12xCR123A, Charger)
Spark ST5 190NW Headlamp (XM-L, 1xAA/14500) - BACKUP
Spartanian II (Cree XR-E Q5)
Sunwayman C10R (XM-L, 1xCR123A/RCR)
Sunwayman C20C (XM-L, 1x18650/2xCR123A)
Sunwayman L10A "Angle-Head" (Cree XR-E R2, 1xAA)
Sunwayman M10R (Cree XR-E R2, 1xCR123A) - BACKUP
Sunwayman M11R (XM-L, 1xCR123A/RCR)
Sunwayman M20A (Cree XP-G R5, 2xAA) - BACKUP
Sunwayman M20C (Cree XR-E R2, 2xCR123A/RCR, 1x18650): RUNTIMES, BEAMSHOTS and more!
Sunwayman M40A (Cree MC-E, 4xAA) - BACKUP
Sunwayman M40C (Cree MC-E, 2x18650) - BACKUP
Sunwayman M60R (Luminus SST-50, 2x-4x-6x CR123A/RCR) - BACKUP
Sunwayman T20C (1x18650, 2xR/CR123A, XP-G R5) - BACKUP
Sunwayman T40CS (XM-L, 2x18650/4xCR123A)
Sunwayman T60CS (3xXM-L, 3x18650/6xCR123A)
Sunwayman V10A (1xAA, XP-G R5) - BACKUP
Sunwayman V11R (XM-L, 1xCR123A/RCR), with AA-extender (1xAA/14500)
Sunwayman V20C (XM-L, 1x18650/2xCR123A)
Surefire E1B Backup (Cree)
Surefire UB3T Invictus (XM-L, 3xCR123A) - BACKUP
Sysmax/Nitecore/Jetbeam i4 Intellicharger V2 Review
ThruNite Catapult (SST-50)
ThruNite Catapult V2 (SST-50, 2x18650/4xCR123A) - BACKUP
Thrunite Catapult V2 (Cree XM-L, 2x18650/4xCR123A) - BACKUP
Thrunite Catapult V3 (Cree XM-L, 2x18650/4xCR123A) - BACKUP
Thrunite Neutron 1A (Cree XM-L, 1xAA/14500) - BACKUP
Thrunite Neutron 1C (Cree XM-L, 1xCR123A/RCR) - BACKUP
Thrunite Neutron 2A (Cree XM-L, 2xAA) - BACKUP
Thrunite Neutron 2C (Cree XM-L, 2xRCR/CR123A) - BACKUP
Thrunite Scorpion (Cree XM-L, 1x18650, 2xRCR/CR123A) - BACKUP
Thrunite Scorpion V2 (Cree XM-L 1x18650, 2xRCR/CR123A) + Turbo Head - BACKUP
ThruNite TiKey (Nichia GS)
Thrunite TN10 (XM-L - 1x18650, 2xCR123A)
Thrunite TN11 (XM-L - 1x18650, 2xCR123A)
Thrunite TN12 (XM-L U2 - 1x18650, 2xCR123A)
Thrunite TN30 (3xXM-L, 3x18650)
Thrunite TN31 (1xXM-L, 3x18650)
Tiablo A7 (Cree R2)
Thrower Round-up ReviewTiablo A8 (Cree Q2)
Thrower Round-up ReviewTiablo A9 (Cree Q5)
Tiablo A9 Special Edition (XP-G R5)
Tiablo A9 "Throw King" (XR-E R2) & "Flood" (XM-L U2)
Tiablo A10-G (Cree R2)
Tiablo A60G (XM-L, 2x18650/4xCR123A/1x18650)
Tiablo ACE-G (Cree MC-E)
Tiablo E2A (XP-G R5, 1xAA/14500)
Tiablo E3A (Cree XP-G R5, 1xAAA) - BACKUP
Tiablo TL-1 (Cree Q5)
Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi (1xAAA XP-G R5) - BACKUP
Titanium Innovations Illuminati Aluminum (1xAAA XP-G R5) - BACKUP
Titanium Innovations L35 Spotlight Review (HID)
Ultrafire 601A (Luxeon clone modded with Edison Opto KLC8)
Ultrafire C3 Multi-stage (Cree)
Ultrafire C3 Single-stage (Cree)
VB-16, aka CPF multi-level (Luxeon III modded with SSC P4)
VersaTi ET10 (Cree Q5)
Xeno E03 (Cree XP-G R5, 1xAA/14500) - BACKUP
Xeno E03-2 (Cree XM-L T6, 1xAA/14500) - BACKUP
Xeno G42 XM-L (1x18650/2xCR123A)
Xtar D01 (Cree XP-G R5, 1x18650) - BACKUP
Xtar MP1 (18650 Charger) - BACKUP
Xtar S1 Production Version (3xXM-L, 3x18650)
Xtar S1 Test sample (3xXM-L, 3x18650)
Xtar TZ20 (Cree Q5)
Xtar WK21 (XM-L, 1xRCR)
Xtar WK25B (1xAA, XP-E R3)
Xtar WK26 (1x14500, XP-E R3)
Xtar WP2 (18650 Charger) - BACKUP
Xtar WP2-II Li-ion Charger
Zebralight SC30 (Cree XP-E, 1xCR123A/RCR)
Zebralight SC50w (XP-E Neutral, 1xAA/14500)
Zebralight SC600 (1x18650, XM-L) - BACKUP
Zebralight SC51 (XP-G R4, 1xAA/14500) - BACKUP
Zebralight H31w (Cree XP-E Neutral, 1xCR123A/RCR)
Zebralight H50 (Cree Q5)

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