Selfbuilt's Flashlight Reviews

Extensive comparative analyses of modern LED flashlights

My goal is to provide objective testing results, in a readable form, to let you decide what flashlight best fits your needs. My reviews are posted on candlepowerforums, to facilitate ongoing discussions with the user community.

My flashlights are expensive to feed with all the runtime tests I perform, so I gratefully accept donations to my Paypal battery fund.

Flashlight Resources See my Testing Methods for further resources


Video overviews of each of my flashlights, plus additional background primers.

ANSI FL-1 Standard

Overview of the ANSI/NEMA standard for flashlight testing (FL-1).

Lumen Estimation Method

My lightbox design, and how I have calibrated it for estimated lumens.

Outdoor Beamshots

Overview of all my recent outdoor 100-yard beamshots.

German Shepherd Dog outdoors

Flashlight Items For Sale

I have recently begun to sell off some of my flashlight collection.

Latest sales thread: WTS: Selfbuilt's Spring 2018 Sale (May, 2018)

At this point in time, I am just selling off some lights that I no longer need for ongoing comparison purposes. These will typically be older lights (with older emitters), or more recent ones that have been replaced by even newer editions. In some rare cases, this will include recent lights where I have duplicates.

Please feel free to drop me a line if there is a specific light you are interested in that is not listed. You can reach me at selfbuilt at (just replace the " at " with a "@"). But keep in mind that I don't personally have every light that I ever reviewed, and I've given away a lot over the years as gifts to family and friends, donations to give-aways, local charity auctions, etc. Also, please note that I will NOT be selling engineering samples, customs, mods, or lights received as personal gifts from any source.

Finally, a new feature that I am adding to this site on a trial basis is links to discount codes for selected lights (available for purchase new online). In the process of reviewing, dealers sometimes offer me discount codes to pass along to my readers. Where available, I will add these next to the light's listing on the Reviews page.

Unfortunately, my flashlights are expensive to feed with all the runtime tests I perform. I don't accept any payment for any of my flashlight reviews, but I will gratefully accept donations to my Paypal battery fund. Your contributions will go toward helping defray the costs of creating all my detailed reviews.

Thanks for your contribution!