How to Access the Database

Everything you need to compare and evaluate flashlights is contained in the individual reviews.

But I’ve appreciated over the years all those who have made a small financial contribution to my flashlight review fund (which helps defray my web server and battery costs). So I thought I would offer a little something extra for those who are kind enough to make a little donation – access to my full flashlight testing results Database.

You can check out my How to Use the Database page to see what exactly it provides, but it’s basically a searchable and scroll-able table with all the key measures for all the flashlights I’ve tested (beginning with this website redesign in 2023). It also gives you a sneak peek at what I’m currently testing (or planning to review), as I update the table with specs and preliminary results as I go, ahead of the full review posts. Oh, and you can download a full copy for your own personal use, in excel format.

Access is easy: all you have to do is make a minimum $10 Paypal donation to my flashlight review fund.

Once you have made the payment, you will be provided with the password to access the database page (I will also e-mail it to you, for your records). The next time you click on the main database page (through the main menu, or link above), you will be asked to enter it.

Your access will expire at the end of the first full calendar year after your donation is received (i.e., you will have the remainder of the current year and the next full calendar year of access for a single donation). The site has cookies enabled, so the password will be remembered for up to one year in your browser (but do keep a record, so that you can access it across multiple computers, etc).

All I ask is that you please don’t share it with others, or download and distribute the database from this site. I’m happy to make the database available to you as my little thank you for your generous support for my reviews. 🙂